All items purchased through Kracked Screens are 100% guaranteed by our warranty. This warranty provides protection against factory defects prior to installation.  The most common "after factory defect" we encounter with these items is static electricity being introduced to the LCD Display Screen. This can be caused by poor shipping, clumsy shipping carriers, carpet, plastic bags, or a technician not using static diffusion protection during the repair process. These encounters are 100% covered as long as there is no physical damage.  Once our warranty film has been removed from either side of the LCD assembly, our warranty on that item is no longer valid. These rules are strictly enforced by our suppliers and regrettably, we cannot be lenient with this policy if we plan to stay in business. Physical Damage to your item will void your warranty.

Examples of Physical Damage:

  • Cracked or Scratched Glass
  • Torn Flex Cables (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

We will never replace broken glass or a torn flex cable, that's industry standard. This is non negotiable because shipping methods have been stress and pressure tested and have been proven to not cause these forms of damage. We are ALWAYS willing to work with customers to provide affordable replacements in the event of an item being damaged outside of our warranty guidelines.  We are here to help to the utmost of our ability, if you have any concerns, installation inquires, or general questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  Customer service agents are available via text, call, or email 24/7.


Return Shipping Instructions:

Please be sure to use a sturdy box and proper shipping protection to return your item. If possible, we recommend you use the same shipping materials you received to send the item back to our facility. You must include a copy of a conversation or a note INSIDE of the package to explain if you are requesting a replacement or a refund. This is required so that we can process your return quickly. Failure to do so could severely delay the time of your return. Please also be aware that all returns for cash back are subject to a 20% restocking fee.