If you’re like most iPhone repair shops, you probably have a box full of broken iPhone screens. As long as the LCD is still functional and only the glass is cracked, Kracked Screens will pay you for those trashed screens. Receiving a higher price from a competitor? Please contact us and we will try our best to match it or beat it!


1. LCD Display must be perfect.

2. Digitizer touch function must be working.


iPhone 6S Plus Screen Assembly

· Original - $36

· Copy - $16



iPhone 6S Screen Assembly

· Original - $19

· Copy - $9


iPhone 6 Plus Screen Assembly

· Original - $12

· Copy - $5


iPhone 6 Screen Assembly

· Original - $7

· Copy - $3


iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE Screen Assembly

· Original - $3

· Copy - $0.5


How it Works:

1. Contact us by either call, text, or email.

2. Confirm your screen quantities and accept payment amount.

3. Package and ship your broken screens.

4. Receive complete testing report and receive cash or store credit!


How to pack LCD Screens:


  1. Place LCD Screens Face to Face

Every pair of screens should be packed face to face in order to save space and protect the displays.


  1. Screen Pairs Back to Back

After screens are paired face to face, arrange each pair of screens back to back as shown.


  1. Stack Screens in Sets of 10

Pack 5 pairs of screens together to make a bundle of 10. These screens should be set face to face and back to back in a set of 10 at most. Packing bundles of more than 10 increase risk of damage to the display during shipping.


  1. Secure screens in bubble wrap

Secure each batch of 10 screens in bubble wrap or other soft, protective wrap to minimize the risk of damage during shipping.


  1. Pack the shipping box

Take care to fill all space between each batch of screens with packaging material.


 Note: Please know that any damage caused to the screens during shipping will be marked in a final testing report and at the expense of the seller.